Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Hits PHX! Do You Care?

Yesterday, it was announced that an 8-year-old boy had been (past tense) infected with the Swine Flu. He has since recovered, but the rest of the Valley has not.

With that positive confirmation, Moon Mountain Elementary School in the Washington School District announced that the school would be closed until May 7th unless there were more children who presented signs for the virus.

One school shut down is one school too many.

I have said before that this Swine Flu panic/concern/scare/pandemic is much ado about nothing. And your elected political heroes are playing you for a fool.

The main reason given in shutting that one school down was for “containment” purposes. That kite has enough string, but I don’t think it will fly.

State School Superintendent Tom Horne announced on Monday (and Governor Jan Brewer reiterated in a press conference yesterday) that any school who has students test positive for the Swine Flu would be shut down. That’s a great CYA move.

Government is very good at pointing out problems. Government is not good at solving them.

If the government were serious, truly thinking that this Swine Flu could have demonstrably, imminently mortal consequences for Phoenix, or any other part of the country, they would announce a full-scale shutdown of our daily lives.

But that hasn’t happened and that’s why I think yesterday’s announcement was a joke.

So far, one child has tested positive for Swine Flu. But it didn’t start with him. He’s not the Alpha case. Swine Flu has been in the Valley for weeks and we are just starting to unravel the trail. But that infectious trail didn’t start with an 8-year-old boy from the north valley.

What I want to know is: where did the kid get the virus? A fair and reasonable assumption would be the child was infected with the Swine Flu from an adult. Why, if logic dictates, doesn’t the government close post offices, grocery stores and restaurants? Why don’t they encourage you to telecommute or (ironically) call in sick to your employer?

Kids aren’t the only ones who catch viruses. Anyone could be a Swine Flu carrier; anyone could infect you, the entire Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, or me. But we are told to carry on with our daily lives.

Except if your child attends Moon Mountain Elementary. Then only you should be concerned.


  1. I can see it now... kids all over the valley are looking for a swine flu carrier so they to can get out of school for a while. I tried to listen today but I heard so much about the flu that I turned on my iPod.

  2. Crys, I agree - I actually had to turn off KTAR and my two favorite talk show hosts (sorry, Mac!) because I couldn't take it anymore. This kid was probably exposed a good week ago. How any other students and teachers already have it? EVERYWHERE?

    Use common sense (yeah, I know.....) and if you feel like you have the flu, get the nasal swab test and they can confirm the flu in minutes. If they suspect swine flu, they can send off for more testing. But the treatment is the same as for regular flu. Stop panicking, stop the hype, practice good hygiene, etc.....Common sense, people. We need it back more than ever.

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  4. First I have to say I am a daily listener of your show and love it, and now a blog follower! When I opened your blog and I saw that picture I laughed so hard! That is the most adorable yet kind yucky picture I have seen! To CUTE!! Thanks for the update on swine flu, I believe it is over blown in the media. Its just like any other flu, be careful, wash your hands, use common hygiene, if your sick stay home,if you went to mexico don't go anywhere else and spread it to the rest of us STAY HOME! Although I do agree with you about possibly closing schools and businesses for a few days. But as always thanks for keeping me up to date!