Thursday, July 16, 2009

Most Selfish Mom

Maria del Carmen Bousada decided to become a mom after caring for her own mother who died at the ripe old age of 101.

But Maria wasn’t in her 30’s or 40’s. Instead of a selfless decision to bring another life into the world, she made a selfish decision to have a child at 66.

Yes, she decided to have a baby a year after she could receive a Social Security check.

Modern medicine has provided some great and fantastic procedures to not only lengthen but also improve the quality of our lives. But to have a child at the age of 66 is not only irresponsible – it’s inherently reckless. Maria thought that she would live well into her 90’s, being able to enjoy a good 20-25 years of being a mom.

Unfortunately, she died at the age of 69 from stomach cancer. I guess that’s relatively young for her family. She was a mom for three years to twins. Upon receiving the news she had the deadly disease, she said she didn’t regret giving birth to twin babies. And no matter what, they would be cared for by her extended family.

What I cannot comprehend is why someone would try to push the bounds of medicine but could not see the folly of that decision, nor have the foresight to realize that what she did was unfair and terribly selfish to those two babies. Maria wanted the immediate gratification of being a mom, without realize a mom is a life-long job.

Maria lied to her doctors claiming she was 55, which is the cutoff age for being inseminated. When she gave birth to her sons, she was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest woman to give birth.

Congrats, Maria. I hope your record is never broken. But you were a terribly selfish mother. You sons deserve better.

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  1. I still want kids, but I'm 45 and decided against anything artificial (can't find a guy or I would have done it the old fashioned way long before now!). I thought it would be unfair to the child or children to have me be 63 years old at their high school graduation. My mom's cousin did married at 44 and had my 2nd cousin at 46. She had zero complications. But my 2nd cousin is getting ready for her senior year in high school and I feel for her for having 2 parents so much older. She's my 2nd cousin so same generation, yet I'm almost 30 yrs older than she. Plus she's an only child, so when everyone dies off, she's alone. I envisioned that being the fate of any child I had and decided it would be selfish on my end to try.