Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Many of you have contacted me in one way or another and asked, "why aren't you posting stuff anymore?" First of all, thanks for noticing I haven't been as prolific as I had been. Second, how dare you put that kind of pressure on me?

Since I read a ton of articles everyday (and then talk about them in no particular order), I noticed that there have been a spurt of articles announcing the death of blogging. Blogging is "passe," one article said. "People are not blogging as much as they used to a couple of years ago," read another. So I started investigating for myself, and yes, it's true. People are not writing as much. The casual internet user is still using and browsing a lot of content, but they are not digging in and really reading more than two paragraphs of a blog, review, article, etc. Call it the Twitter Effect.

Twitter is the Haiku of social media. If you can't distill your thoughts or what you're doing (and most are freaking boring, I must concede. In fact, I have stopped following major celebs and journalists because they are so inane.) in 140 characters, it's too long and involved to bother with. I love the brevity in theory. But it's sad how much people don't want to delve in-depth into anything anymore. This is really not the time in our history to be intellectually superficial or having the attention span of goldfish.

But as much as I have loved "tweeting" and sharing things with shorter URLs, I have missed writing, pondering, and opining about things as mundane as why I love watching the documentaries on CNBC about business, to how wonderful the Phoenix Symphony is, or what the Health Care bill can and will do to this country.

So, I am left to ask this rhetorically philosophical question: If I write something in the middle of the forest and put it on blogspot, does it make a sound?

Ponder on this and let me know if blogging is the future of the Net or the technological equivalent of the pet rock.


  1. Blogging is all about what the writer puts into it. For me blogging was used to just release thoughts that would run wild in my head. Yeah I'm not blogging as much but I still read a lot of them that I truly enjoy. Your blog happens to be one that I seek out to read.

    Don't worry about the pressure. Write when you just need to. :-)

  2. I like your writing, and I missed you while you were gone.

    As for blogging being the future of the net? I'm going with a no on that. However, I think that some people's attention spans are about 140 characters in length, and life is cyclical, so it will come back around eventually. Personally, I'm less Twitter and more blog because Twitter is like having a small taste of a delicious food that leaves me craving more and yet I am unable to quench that desire, ultimately making me feel unsatisfied.